Matchbox 4.3.1

2020 September 21st

For a full list of updates, view the release notes on Github.

The new ListBox component is meant to be an alternative to the Select component.

<ListBox id="listbox-1" defaultValue="option-1" label="Select an option">
<ListBox.Option value="option-1">Option 1</ListBox.Option>
<ListBox.Option value="option-2">Option 2</ListBox.Option>
<ListBox.Option value="option-3">Option 3</ListBox.Option>
<ListBox.Option value="option-4">Option 4</ListBox.Option>

A new composable Panel component that is meant to be used as a secondary section header.

<Panel.Section>Section Content</Panel.Section>

A new option to the orientation prop is now available, which places the group's cards into a two-column grid.

<RadioCard.Group label="Radio Card Group" orientation="grid">
<RadioCard id="id1" label="Check Me 1" name="group" defaultChecked>
I am help text
<RadioCard id="id2" label="Check Me 2" name="group">
I am help text
<RadioCard id="id3" label="Check Me 3" name="group">
I am help text
<RadioCard id="id4" label="Check Me 4" name="group">
I am help text
  • Adds padding system prop to Modal.Content
  • Pagination now automatically limits its range to three pages on smaller screens