Matchbox 4.4.0

2020 September 30th

For a full list of updates, view the release notes on Github.

New Picture and Picture.Image components have been added.

import Image from '@sparkpost/matchbox-media/images/Accounts.jpg';
<Picture.Image src={Image} />

New Video and Video.Source components have been added.

import Webm from '@sparkpost/matchbox-media/videos/Analytics.webm';
import Mp4 from '@sparkpost/matchbox-media/videos/Analytics.mp4';
<Video.Source src={Webm} type="video/webm" />
<Video.Source src={Mp4} type="video/mp4" />

New LabelValue component meant to replace the LabelledValue component in 2web2ui.

<LabelValue orientation="vertical" label="Label">
Just a LabelValue
  • Various improvements to the ListBox component
  • Adds new delimiter prop to ComboBoxTextField