Matchbox 4.5.0

2020 October 19th

For a full list of updates, view the release notes on Github.

A new collection of composable EmptyState components have been added. The pre-4.5.0 version of EmptyState has been deprecated and is available under EmptyState.LEGACY.

import { EmptyState } from '@sparkpost/matchbox';
import Image from '@sparkpost/matchbox-media/images/Accounts.jpg';
<EmptyState.Header> Manage your email templates</EmptyState.Header>
<p>Build, test, preview and send your transmissions.</p>
<EmptyState.Image src={Image} />
<EmptyState.Action>Create Template</EmptyState.Action>
<EmptyState.Action variant="outline">Learn More</EmptyState.Action>
  • Additional mages have been added to matchbox-media
  • Expandable now accepts a variant prop – with options borderless and bordered
  • Banner now accepts a status option muted
  • Structural border colors have been lightened
  • The Tabs and Slider now measure on component resize, not window resize