Matchbox 5.1.0

2021 April 21st

For a full list of updates, view the release notes on Github.

  • The Label component now prefers children over the label prop. Label will no longer render null when label is not provided.
  • The Label component now accepts htmlFor, and will not re-label id or htmlFor internally if it is provided.
  • The CodeBlock component font size has been lowered from 200 to 100
  • The CodeBlock component no longer forces scrollbars and looks better on non-MacOS operating systems.
  • The ListBox component now properly sets id and name. It also now accepts data-sensitive.
  • Skeleton components now all accept data-id and no longer render children
  • The text indentation has been removed from RadioCard
  • Table components, Cell and HeaderCell now properly accept an align prop.
  • The ActionList component passes through all props to support accessibility attributes from downshift.
  • Activators will now be properly focused when Popovers are closed.
  • Button loader colors have been fixed.
  • Resolves a few security vulnerabilities