Updated Jun 10, 2021

Matchbox 5.3.0


This update includes changes to the Popover, ActionList, and Table components.


  • Popover is now rendered in a Portal, and accepts a new prop portalId. Defaults to document.body if not provided.
  • Popovers will now find and focus on the first focusable child within its content when opening.
  • Popovers will now open when hitting the up or down arrow keys when uncontrolled.
  • Popovers will now close when pressing the tab key by default. Can be turned off via a new prop, closeOnTab


  • ActionList items are now keyboard navigable with the up and down arrow keys
  • ActionList now properly sets role="menu" on the container and role="menuitem" on each action


  • Tables with the experimental freezeFirstColumn prop will now only render a single table in the DOM, and Popovers within the first column now work correctly.